Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Bahia Honda

There are two places above all others I like to walk. Bahia Honda is one of them, and the other one I want to keep to myself for now. The landmarks here are obvious and rarely Rusty and I walk alone. For me to have time alone in the woods in these ever more crowded islands is my privilege. That Rusty enjoys walking with me is icing on the cake and keeps me alone but not lonely.

I see a lot of people fishing around here and I guess they outnumber me, dozens of anglers to one photographer usually. Occasionally I see camera carriers with tripods and filters and serious looks hunting the ideal sunrise. The picture below I didn't clean up and you can see the ocean sliding off to the right! Drives me nuts but I'm not driven to complicate my walks with apparatus. The drive to overcomplicate things drives me equally nuts.

Rusty is out there somewhere and I'm strolling with a small black box around my neck relying on clouds and light to make the pictures interesting.

I know what I see but I wonder what they see. 

Do we see the same scenery? 

I have to suppose so. I wonder if when they go home they review their catch and ponder the beauty of the place where they caught it?

I post my pictures here but this really is a diary and when I look back, and I do, I remember the circumstances of the capture. I fish for pictures and use them to remember.

So many meanings in a lonely stop sign. I made this picture and thought of the prairies I hope to be crossing soon. This actually is the crest of the hill alongside Highway One and the stop sign is warning beach goers to merge with the traffic with care!

There is a cement block under the gumbo limbo that survived Hurricane Irma and is slowly growing back. The kudzu is spreading too fast for me to keep it completely clear but I stop by from time to time and clear it and sit and think and sometimes I just sit.

I didn't sort this picture out either so now the ocean is going uphill to the right! Life as it is lived.