Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Living Large At Higgs

There is a sign at Higgs Beach, the county park on Key West's southern shore, that used to allow RVs to park next to the beach. Nowadays the new sign says no RV parking:Which sign posting doesn't stop people who live in their vehicles parking there:It has always struck me as a miserable way to live, huddled in a vehicle parked on what is a public right of way with strangers and the curious passing by with every opportunity to peer in the windows. Some people drive to Key West in vehicles better adapted to the liveaboard lifestyle:There used to be an absolute plague of French Canadians in VW vans who flocked to Higgs Beach and sat around doing the parlez vous and giving Key West a European air with a Gallic flavor, tres chic. This year either I missed them last week, or they are late or economically strapped and stayed home to ice skate the St Lawrence for a change. In any case there are vans still parking at Higgs Beach:The rule is that if your vehicle is over 20 feet (6 and a bit meters) you cannot park anywhere in the city of Key West. Parking control comes out with tape measures and checks and tows vehicles that are rated as over sized and parked on city streets. This one looks a likely candidate:There are other arrivals in town who leave nothing at home, if they have a home, not even the kitchen sink, as they trundle around town in grossly overloaded vehicles:Others lurk at the picnic tables with their bicycles:These rainbow kids, young hippy types, which I snapped at the Lime Tree Food Store on Flagler, hang around town with almost no visible possessions. They are on foot and thus at the bottom of the automotive food chain:On the subject of things automotive, this local scooter rider is letting the side down in my opinion. I have no idea what she's thinking riding around with all four indicators dangling by their electrical wires:Tut tut. Not homeless but that poor Zuma scooter might as well be!