Thursday, September 8, 2016

Frenchie's Cafe

They are closed for vacation and I am annoyed. Annoyed with myself inasmuch as I have never had this joint on my radar. My wife bought a coupon for Frenchie's Cafe at some charity auction and it was great because it pushed us to go. 
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I really liked the atmosphere with a few indoor tables and a crowded cafe overlooking the narrow front room. There is a small patio in the rear but August and September aren't the months to try sitting outdoors with a  hot cup of coffee; you will melt.
 This drawing is on their WEBSITE and  it sums up the atmosphere of this cafe on United Street:
The waitress did  not find my rather feeble joke about the vast cups of coffee particularly funny -Is that all?  I asked in an aggrieved voice as she set  down a 55 gallon drum of coffee on the table.
 My wife and I ordered quiche, she had vegetables and I had the basic Lorraine. Which was funny as my wife wanted the salmon and I wanted the Idaho (with potato obviously) but as they were about to go on vacation they had already run out of the we took what was available. This place has a reputation for extraordinary quiches and it was just that. Soft creamy and full of egg and cheese it was perfect.
The fruit was crisp and cold and fresh, the coffee cups were huge and bottomless so we were happy. 
I used to like the Banana Cafe around the corner on Duval Street when it was a tight little place. Then it moved into larger premises and while the food remains good it's not atmospheric so when I saw the banana trees outside Frenchie's I was reminded of the past.
I am now left to look forward to them re-opening in a  few weeks because I'd like to come back and try some other stuff.