Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rusty Does The Bridal Path

Cheyenne died about 6 weeks ago and I have been trying to move ahead but I miss her still and taking Rusty to the places we used to visit together has been wrenching. The thing is he seems to enjoy these spots as much as she did when she was younger and more active.
Six years is a long time and it is no fault of Rusty's that I miss her. He is becoming an ideal dog, easy to live with, obedient and very loving, qualities sometimes that you had to look for hard in Cheyenne as stubborn and undemonstrative as she was. Rusty is like a puppy compared to her steady easy self confident walks and as much as I want him in my life I am reluctant to let go of Cheyenne completely. I keep expecting to see her one more time.
Life goes on and Rusty is full of it, even in the heat of the last few days. 
The Bridle Path parallels South Roosevelt Boulevard, twin sandy tracks underneath the palms, the place where supposedly Key West could exercise horses. Sometimes it's misspelled "Bridal" which makes me laugh.
It has a fair bit more to see than we explored on this, Rusty's first visit to the wooded section away from the road: 
Above you see the modern view and below with a little manipulation I made the place look old, with my Labrador looking at me wondering why so many pictures...
...and Rusty doing his thing:
All manner of traffic rushes by on the nominally 30 mile-per-hour South Roosevelt Boulevard.
With a frisky young dog like Rusty the leash is a bit of a requirement as he could be in the roadway in two bounds.

 New arrivals at the airport miles from downtown and not looking for a cab surprisingly.
 All that traffic and a time for a short pause to look at the ocean and contemplate.
 Unless you have a dog to walk.