Monday, March 12, 2018

Miami Life

If you view Florida through the distorting lense of stereotyping you see a state with no appreciation for its past, a state filled with newcomers who cannot be expected to care for anything other than year round sunshine and a chance to make a shady fortune off speculative land deals, wit no hint of historic preservation.
 And yet the reality I see is hardly that. Certainly there has been wholesale environmental and historic destruction and appalling land grabbing. On the other hand some winter residents bring with them an appreciation for what has value and quality and Florida benefits. 
 I was privileged to see one such place this past weekend when I took my wife to the airport and we stayed overnight in the city which allowed us to lunch with friends and hang out at their gazebo in the grounds of this little compound where they rent an apartment.
The coral building material, the Mediterranean tile and the details are a reminder of how Florida used to build, with care and style and it is lovely.
 Can you imagine sitting out with orchids as luscious and lustrous as this by your ear? 
 I was entranced.
Rusty enjoyed sitting out as he always does. He slept well that night, lots of walks, new  experiences and stimulation made for a tired dog.
 He  got lots of praise for being no trouble at all. He was just himself, friendly but not intrusive.
  I took a couple of black and white pictures for fun.
The interior is classic old Florida with tiled floors, coral stone work illuminated by that particular light. 
The nice old Florida still exists and sometimes one is lucky enough to come across it.