Friday, March 12, 2021

Affordable Housing

The manager of the city of Key West has handed in his resignation and is off to the utility company to get a $70,000 pay raise in the number two position there for $250,000. The city commission who appointed Greg Veliz by acclaim one day has now decided to carry out an old fashioned candidate search to fill the position. Meanwhile city planning continues.

One  big deal moving to the forefront now that Truman Waterfront has been turned into a park is a long discussed plan to build affordable housing in Bahama Village. The three acre parcel between the Navy Base and Fort Street is being enjoyed these days as a soccer field, and very fine it is too.

However Fort Street is already home to several housing projects and the idea is to add possibly 120 units on the three ac re parcel. When the Navy handed 34 acres of waterfront land to the city decades ago the city promised Bahama Village some attention. It looks like the time has almost come to pass but there are some possibilities for delay.

Fort Street runs alongside the Navy base looking south and all there is at the moment is the parking lot. 

With a strong black fence behind it. The Bahama Village redevelopment agency wants to put the land development out to bid even though Affordable Housing of Monroe, a not for profit with an enviable track record of building affordable housing has an excellent proposal with funding plans for all affordable construction to rent and buy

This below is the Petronia Street side of the field where there used to be a very useful porta potty now gone. The weird humps in the background are part of old navy construction still on the base. So the request for proposals, none of which is expected to improve upon the sole bid from the local group, will hold up the process the newspaper says possibly until 2023.  

The wheels of development in Key West grind slow, but one hopes they will grind exceedingly effectively one day.