Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Tourist, A Homeless Sleeper, A Dog

Check out the sign below at a parking lot off Greene Street. People will call 911 to say their car has been stolen. I advise them to call the tow company first and see if they overstayed their welcome. It's an expensive way to teach people to read the signs as getting towed will cost you a couple of hundred dollars and several hours and heaven help you if the car isn't registered to you. Towing is big business in a tight town for parking like Key West:
I posted this photo to my Instagram account but the joke got no traction. A Tourist, a Homeless Guy and a Photographer...It reads like the opening line to a joke. It's just the reality of a town with a mild climate and excessively high cost of living and  a group of people who prefer life on the streets.
This is where I come for Italian ice cream in Old Town. And the pizza isn't bad either. He's an Italian emigre who prefers Key West to New York even though he made more money there. Do you make enough? I ask impertinently and get away with it because I am speaking Italian. He shrugs and admits he does okay. Well then I say, voting for quality of life over profit. 
 Some shop windows are weird.
More Italians in Key West I suspect. "Where Portofino meets Key West" is the slogan of Antica Sartoria a women's clothing boutique decked out in turquoise on the 400 block of Duval. A sartoria is a dressmaker's in Italian.
 Mallory Square and its chickens:
The harbor. I snapped this one on a whim and on Facebook people went nuts over the picture. As I walk Rusty while taking pictures I don't usually have much time to set up the picture and fiddle around with settings so I do the best in the time that he allows me. It is his walk.
More damage from Hurricane Irma I hadn't previously noticed:  the footbridge to the Margaritaville Resort got blown out.
 More damned chickens skulking around:
Ready for the cruise ship passengers who seek the familiar in unfamiliar surroundings: