Thursday, August 9, 2012

Night Walker

I went to see Savages by Oliver Stone at the Tropic Cinema, always violent and bloody and filled with political statements of course, and I was uncharacteristically early so I took a stroll in the twilight and came across the statue of ...Ceres? on top of the archway over the entrance to Kino Plaza.

Dusk transforms a place, as the safety and security of daylight retreats and the shadows march forward, out of the secret corners.

I think about how much effort we put into lighting up night like day, burning endless quantities of finite fuel to maintain the illusion of day. Fly over a sleeping city and ask yourself why do they do that? Not to shut down the complex and slow reacting power generators is one answer. We are locked into a system that requires wasting energy to keep going! Your grandchildren are going to ask what were you thinking and you won't have a clue why we burned dead dinosaurs to light up an uncaring night. I have no idea why either.

I have heard from some people who ride motorcycles tell me they don't ride at night. Fear of the dark has many tentacles, but they don't know what they are missing.

I don't like the woods at night. I have anchored by myself in remote coastal coves, I have camped in strange places traveling alone, but dump me on a trail in a deciduous forest alone at night and I will tell you anything you want to know, without holding back. I dislike the rustle of leaves and the sudden silences and the sensation of someone always at my back, stalking me. Riding a motorcycle at night- no problem!

Bars at not my thing. The straight man's pit above or the gay man's pit below. I dislike noise and extra loud music and the impossibility of conversation and thick crowds make me as anxious as the non existent boogeyman in the woods. Phobias manifest themselves any way they want.

Evan and Elle, some sort of clothing chain store is saying good bye to Key West. Well grounded stores are staying afloat but expensive fashion statements are going to the wall. I expect our economy will start to look rather less robust after the prolonged Presidential election farce is over and we are allowed a look behind the Quantative Easing curtain.

Not everyone is poor in our diminishing circle of wealth, certainly not in a retirement village like Key West so spending a cool one thousand dollars on a jellyfish lava lamp contraption at Glass Reunions might seem like a mere bagatelle. I'd rather get my Bonneville thoroughly serviced by my man Jiri.

And of course a burger is a working man's treat for himself and/or his family. And the latest addition to the quick food choices in Key West is enjoying the popularity of novelty. Here on Truman at Duval and this Fall they say in New Town on the Boulevard we see Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

In the darkened streets a more typical scene for which the Conch Republic is renowned.

Why someone chooses to live with a large Teddy bear disguised as Father Christmas I couldn't say. Houses are small enough you'd think loneliness might be assuaged by something more...manageable?

The City of Key West has a budget deficit of a million bucks in a fifty million dollar budget. Happily instead of dipping into ample reserves the city sensibly is looking to increase revenues. That sort of common sense defies the mania for more cuts everywhere but happily this isn't Detroit or Stockton and I hope dinging tourists more for parking tickets will keep property owners happy and the budget balanced.

Cities across the globe are cutting budgets by not paving roads and by turning off street lights. Key West by comparison is doing quite nicely so far. Long may the riots against The impending fiscal darkness continue in Madrid, and Athens and Paris and not here. The Weimar boogeyman is almost as scary as the one I keep hearing when i'm alone in the darkened woods of my imagination.

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