Monday, July 6, 2015

Rolling Up The Sidewalks

It feels to me as though the Southernmost City is finally getting into summer. The city is emptier and by that I mean there is parking everywhere and crossing main intersections is easy even without traffic lights. It's hot but only around 90  degrees which is not that hot compared to lots of places Up North, though it feels hotter in the city than it is in the suburbs where I live. I guess it's a matter of more cement and more people radiating more heat. 
Which is not to say you can fire a cannon up Duval Street and not hit anyone. There are still visitors being b usy visiting things. My life at the moment finds me with not as much free time as I'd like. My partner and I are hoping to roll out our business into the light of day next week so preparations are constant. I had no idea starting a business was so complicated. Every single detail needs approval and frankly I delegate lots of it to my wife who is a bulldog with deadlines and her training as a lawyer helps her focus on  pushing us all to not forget anything. 
 My time in Key West is limited, Cheyenne spends most of the day snoozing in the air conditioning, a function partly of her age unhappily, and partly also owing to her inability to deal with the heat. All her walks are shorter these days but she has always known her own mind so I let her do what she wants as I always have. 
I rather envy these people baring their skin under the sun. I have managed to burn my nose riding around town and my arms are a nut brown from being in the sun but I don't feel like I get  time anymore to hang out and do nothing. It's funny but I have never had much sympathy for people who get jobs in retirement because they are bored. To find life boring is to fail to be mindful. 
I love the burned white light of summer in the Keys, it feels like the sun is so hot it burns the colors white. Of course I don't have to work in the sun and the heat so that makes a difference and I don't shy away from using air conditioning at home. My wife says that after Cheyenne goes to her reward we won't have to worry about keeping it cool enough to stop her panting and I suppose that's true but I need Cheyenne around for a while longer. When I feel overwhelmed a dog hug, even from a reluctant dog feels good.  
 Lately I feel like I have missed out on some activities in town, the celebrations of the recent gay marriage decision by the Supreme Court looked cheerful. I didn't get to see the minimalist regatta which i usually enjoy and I feel like its time I went to see another sunset at Mallory Square. I have yet to visit the Oldest House and the Audubon House and the US Coastguard Cutter Ingham is on my list. That seems like a lot of things I want to do, besides which there are some summer plays being put on. It seems likely with the roll out of our business coming soon my wife and I might just take a staycation in Key West instead of taking a  road trip. 
Maybe I will get to ride a rental bicycle with a helmet and walk around town topless. Or perhaps not.