Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dead And Alive

This Green Street location across from Old City Hall on the 500 block never seems to do well.

This theme bar closed at the end of last month.

I always thought a steel horse was a 19th century name for a railroad but I guess that was, more accurately, an iron horse.

Whatever, I sham't miss it, as I didn't miss McFadden's or abut Harvey's before it. Big Daddy Conch's and Crabby Bills before that back a decade ago. They come and they go as illustrated by this picture I took with the blinds down behind the window which created a mirror effect.

This place on Ann Street looks closed,

...with the hurricane shutters in place and the fading sign

Far from it. The have an active website and claim to be Key West's oldest surviving dive shop, since the mid eighties they say.

The gate to the left is locked.

The fence is tall, the mural fresh.

And were I a gecko I could have slipped in but this place is as active as it's website. That cheered me up. They have a booth down by the water to meet and encourage customers.

Not all stories are happy stories but perhaps a fresh start will take off and be a success down here:

People who like opening new businesses don't seem to lose their taste for it even when greeted with failure. With Fast Buck Freddie's going and the Deli gone change continues apace in downtown Key West.

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