Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunset From My House

Rain and clouds bring some astonishing sights across the salt flats. Case in point:

Bear in mind photography is only a mild reproduction of reality.

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Sunset Over Bahia Honda

We went swimming at Bahia Honda yesterday evening my wife and I. The clouds looked magnificent.

The water was quite warm enough for swimming even after the rains of the past week.

A few boats were out fishing.

We recently bought an annual state parks pass for $134 including access to Monroe County State Parks, which for some reason cost extra. Perhaps because of the views:

The swimming area is cordoned off from the rest of the "deep bay" which is what Bahia Honda means in Spanish.

There is some dead seaweed along the beach but that's normal for the Keys, much to the irritation of unseasoned visitors who expect magnificent strands in these rocky islands.

Not all the sky was gray and threatening.

But it was Sunday evening and the park was far from packed with visitors.

Most people were pouring North to the mainland back to their regular lives, on the new bridge across the bay.

It was a serene and lovely evening on the water.

Ideal for a moment together for the family.

A romantic stroll,

A chance to watch the sun go down far from the hawkers of Mallory Square.

I don't often see the parking lot this empty:

We were hungry and had to go home, 15 minutes south.

It was a pleasant evening on land as well as on water.

We aren't the only ones to recognize the value of this park.

Even the drive home was a light show.

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