Tuesday, March 15, 2016

No Outlet, Truman Waterfront

I feel a little absorb but I cannot deny I feel an almost daily need to come down to the Inner Mole at Truman Waterfront and see what's going on. 
And and every day the city promises to start digging and transforming this open space.  Into what it shall be changed is not yet clear and the subject is supposedly up for discussion even though development is planned.
There are rumors of a 60-foot tall hotel being built on Truman Waterfront but these buildings at the opposite end of the open space were built decades ago to house Navy officers. This land was once a Navy Base.

These "No Outlet" signs look rather absurd especially as this dock is only open to bicycle and pedestrian traffic.
The city has been pleading for years with the owners of the Westin Hotel and Marina to open up this section of the waterfront and allow the city to put a foot bridge over what is known as "Admiral's Cut." That would allow pedestrians and cyclists to pollute the stately waterfront of the Westin, currently traversed by cruise ship passengers from time to time and a few hotel guests. The idea would be to open a path all the way from Fort Zachary Taylor to Trumbo Road following the city's waterfront. But the Westin says no, and the city caves.
Thanks to the Westin who bought all this land and Sunset Key (formerly Tank Island) from the city for a mere eleven million dollars, Key West selling itself short as usual, this really is a no outlet waterfront. A pity.