Friday, October 28, 2016

Around Frances Street

I posted this picture on Instagram ( a service I prefer infinitely to Facebook), and called it life and death, the cyclist full of vigor pushing past the graves of the Key West cemetery.
Some people don't much like to live around cemeteries but I am of the persuasion that the dead make great neighbors, no noise no fussing, no aggravation.  A white picket fence, a nicely restored house ina  quiet neighborhood...
 ..or even a house rather less restored:
An afternoon on a  porch on a house for sale. A buyer..? A seller..? A realtor..? But Rusty swept me past in hot pursuit of a fresh scent.
 Albertson's used to be where the New Publix is today, in Key Plaza, where Kmart is, and how this cart got orphaned from the  supermarket and ended up on Ashe Street I couldn't say, but here it was:
 I love the louvered windows of old Florida homes:
I traced this conga line of padlocked cables from the light pole to a Yamaha Zuma scooter covered in luggage baskets. Zumas are very popular scooters and often stolen. 
 More louvers:
 And the Rick Worth tree stump on Catherine Street has had a fresh coat of paint...
 ...and has thus undergone a slight transformation with more tentacles and more eyes:
 ...and some inconsiderate slob's left over bottle of beer:
 A house undergoing a renovation, just like the octopus.
Key West renewal., just like the controversial solar panels at city hall up the street:
The vegetation will hide them, cars will park in the shade and city hall will generate its own electricity. How modern!  Too modern for some people who find solar panels objectionable, so they are banned in old town where they would disfigure old homes we are told. Makes no sense but there we are.