Monday, April 16, 2012

USCGC Mohawk Dying By Degrees

It's still there the little old survivor of World War Two.

Not for long though, as this ship is to be sunk soon and very deliberately. And not a word about it on the Mohawk's website!

They needed four hundred thousand dollars to refurbish this survivor of Atlantic Convoys. But the Mohawk is an inconvenient ship.

The Mohawk is blocking development of this valuable waterfront which the locally influential Spottswood family wants to use to create an upscale marina with shops and offices.

The Mohawk and the marina combined would limit the waterfront space which needs to be kept open to allow US navy ships to maneuver in the basin which belongs to them. So bit by bit the Mohawk is being disassembled prior to being towed to Sanibel Island.

There the Mohawk will be sunk to encourage diving off Sanibel Island.

Key West will get a nice marina development funded by the city with profits for the Spottswoods and so it goes. Glorious gentrification.

They don't tell the truth either. "Closed for Sinking."

The same signs will go up around the exclusive marina no doubt.

There should be enough room for the other coastguard cutter on the seawall.

I have no doubt the Ingham would be sacrificed if it proved necessary for the marina development's future.

Meanwhile life, and sailing, goes on outside the Navy basin.

I saw an old yellow Lab struggling manfully to totter along despite the failing hind legs.

Just like the Mohawk, except here not discarded when too old. Nor should the Mohawk be discarded. Bastards.

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