Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grinnell Street

I have been trying to keep my cell phone about my person but I am failing. The thing irritates me, but it seems that as much as "forget" to carry it with me, others never leave it behind.I'd rather share my dog's pleasure and the views of splendid Key West. This space used to be an electrical sub station humming all the time and now it's a pocket park public sculpture and all.I have enjoyed this dead end sign at the cemetery, as have long time readers. However they recently changed the direction of traffic on Angela Street alongside the dead, why I don't know. And some smart person added their own take to the signage... Instead of telephoning riepe and plaguing him with nasty comments I enjoy the Key West architecture as I walk.This block of Grinnell, between the cemetery and Southard Street is very green.
Cheyenne enjoys the beauty in her own particular way.I took these pictures yesterday so the sun has returned and the cold front has evaporated though there is still a cool breeze, but around 4pm yesterday it was close to 80 degrees on Grinnell Street. My idea of what winter should be like.
Always remember the idyll has no offsets between homes as pretty as they may be.
I think Cheyenne would like to do this on a busy street:
And so, in the fullness of time we reached Five Brothers on Southard Street, the Cuban grocery par excellence.
Happily their other outlet is across the Highway from my street on Ramrod Key. Whence my dog and I repaired after we took this picture, hungry as hunters and ready for dinner. London Broil for me, kibble for her. As it should be.