Friday, July 26, 2013

Tropical Storm Dorian Takes Aim

Well bugger. The National Hurricane Center has called it again. Earlier they predicted what we see today, a weakening of the low over the Bahamas which has brought the storm's track further to the south. Now the prediction puts the storm north of the big islands of the Caribbean, the so called Greater Antilles, whose mountains tend to break storms apart. Yet the current track is not curving far north which means Key West looks like a possible target. The good news is track prediction this far out is not completely accurate, but strength prediction is reasonably accurate so we can hope this thing won't strengthen into a full blown hurricane, and the National Hurricane Center is holding that out as a possibility at this stage. Wind and rain and not too much of either, please!
As of Saturday morning the National Hurricane Center in Miami is downgrading TS Dorian and is predicting it will fizzle out into an inchoate rainy mess over Puerto Rico. So much the better.

Cheyenne On Petronia

There are days I envy my dog. On this occasion she was hot and thirsty so nothing came more naturally to her than to sit down and drink her bathwater.
Had she been moved to take a dump I would have been there, the perfect valet, ready to leap into action with a plastic bag and take care of all her needs, as well as the needs of the next pedestrian to walk that way.
Cheyenne is actually quite well trained in that regard as she prefers to wander off into the bushes rather than to just let loose anywhere but the guiding principle here is that I have to keep my legs crossed till I find a loo, while for my Labrador the world's her loo, her bathwater, her refreshment.
 Of course not everyone views her as benignly as I do when we go for a walk in town.
 Had the Jewish breakfast joint been open I'd have no doubt found my way to sharing...
 ...a  taste of an onion omelette in a soft fragrant pita with diced cucumber and hummus on the side.
There are those pesky pink Crocs again doing daily duty as actual usable footwear. These wheels  fascinate me ever since I discovered a set can cost more than my Bonneville. That's the wheels without the tank attached to them.

Ooh! Look!  Another Labrador!

And in the fullness of time Cheyenne stumped around Bahama Village far enough to come up behind the new courthouse which is now free of construction. The building on the right is the Freeman Courthouse which was designed and built at vast expense with no functioning lobby so jurors had to stand around in the fresh air waiting for the metal detector to approve their presence. Supposedly that small oversight has been repaired at a cost of $600,000. I should be an architect because that short coming became apparent to me the minute I was lined up across the parking lot waiting to get into the jury pool, and I have no experience designing buildings.