Monday, October 23, 2017

Zombie Bike Ride

It started on a whim and has grown to become one of the most enjoyed aspects of Fantasy Fest week, surpassing I dare say the Locals Parade which has been taken over by non-locals.
The bike ride attracts thousands, so many its original start point on Stock Island at Recycle Bicycles got too messy with traffic. Nowadays it starts around 2 pm at the East Martello Tower and sets off down South Roosevelt at six pm (when I am safely at work).
 The Zombie Bike Ride is about bicycles and costumes and fun and noy nudity and not even much drunkenness anymore.
 Joking aside, for lots of people this is a family affair:

And you can dress up as much or as little as you want.
 Everyone is out to be seen:
 And not necessarily as a zombie...

And modern zombies that do show up are equipped with all mod cons, modern conveniences like cell phones:
Gather with friends...
 ...strut your stuff...
 ....however you feel the need...
 And if being a zombie brings on hunger pangs Amigo's had a tent serving Mexican food:
 There are subtle reminders of Irma everywhere, churned up ground, producing mud ina  town that by and large is all cleaned up:
 Quite by chance I caught a flying windsurfer rising up behind the crowd:
And then on to the bicycles as I rode my Vespa to work:

 Law enforcement on hand to lead the parade: