Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cheyenne Is Home

She seemed glad enough to see me when she got home after five days on the road with my wife but she made me come to find her as she pottered around under the house sniffing this and drinking from her favorite muddy flower pot. Since our happy reunion she has fallen back into her usual routines, expecting me to scratch her when she stretches out on her bed, and then when she's had enough she gets up and wanders out for a little light sunbathing on the deck.

My dog's return means I find myself at her service as usual out walking when the mood strikes. After a few days away she approaches her walks with renewed enthusiasm checking out everything with her nose, catching up on missed editions of the doggy news.

It's been hot and sunny lately though the tell us cold temperatures in the mid 60s can be expected overnight this weekend as another cold front makes itself felt. Cheyenne will enjoy it more than I shall as already I am tiring of the cooler season. Not least because Highway One has been positively clogged with motorists driving 40 miles per hour as they seek the laid back lifestyle of people on vacation in the Fabulous Florida Keys. On the subject of laid back check out my dog, resting from her labors behind the Big Pine post office while a grazing key deer wandered by insouciantly, on the other side of the street.

She sat there and watched, the perfect dog, as usual, causing no trouble, stress free and happy to be home. The perfect dog and ideal companion. I missed her.