Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dark And Stormy

If this is the apocalypse I'd be glad if they got it over with. I enjoy cooler winter weather for variety but ten days straight of wearing socks around the house gets old. It's now staying dark longer in the morning thanks to the thick blanket  of clouds blocking off  the sunrise. It's tough out here.
A friend told me I've lived here too long if this is cold.  I concede that may be true but I see no need to force oneself to live through ice storms if one doesn't have to, and I don't.  There is also the issue of retirement which looms ever stronger at times like these. What will I do in winter? Buy a parka and drive south I think are my answers. If Italy is the destination I expect over wintering in Tunisia and Sicily will be a decent facsimile of an ice free winter. Who knows perhaps a visit to Key West will be in order to see how they are wrecking the place in my absence. But thats a few winters away still.
All we need now is sunshine and highs back in the eighties please to keep me happy and comfortable.
My best answer to morning commutes in less than 60 degrees are handlebar muffs. They cost thirty dollars, are water and wind proof and slide over the handle bars and are held in place with velcro. They install in a minute.:
But I confess the past couple of nights I took the car. 57 degrees is just too cold with my tropical wardrobe. With our own staffing shortages I am working the next two weeks without a break. Should be interesting.