Thursday, March 2, 2017

Play Group

A funny thing happened to me this winter, Rusty found a play group. Two old white guys, like me but older happened to be at the water's edge with their dogs and Rusty had so much fun playing I went back.
 I lie. I went back because the two old white farts, like me a bit, made me laugh. And think. I discovered they weren't annoying but they were interesting. 
We talk politics though they are harder to label than am I (a Sanders Democrat), they are sort of libertarian no party affiliation, socially liberal free thinking common sense rough and tough retirees.
Rusty plays with Sam the chocolate Labrador, whenever Sam isn't chewing on seaweed or sticks, and he runs from Lucas the fat, speedy Dalmatian who lives with Rich, the less hard of hearing of the two (in the black shorts). Brian is from Kentucky and he is the funniest driest commentator on the human condition you ever heard.
I tell myself I take Rusty to the beach so he can play and splash and get socialized like any happy dog.
The truth is, its as much for me as it is for him. We talk about the state of the world, their travels as they plan their return trips to Kentucky and Connecticut, their insomnia, their retirement activities, Trump, riding motorcycles and fishing.  It is the best way to unwind after a night of 911. I go once a week at least...for Rusty.
It's all coming to an end and I don't know how to break it to Rusty.
 At least I'll still have my camera.
 How do I break it to Rusty?
Winter is coming to an end and in a couple of weeks they will be gone. I am truly bummed; I surprise myself.
Now we have a reason to look forward to next winter.