Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dawn Reflections

Leaving work at six yesterday it was another clear sky dawn with a sunny day in the offing. The lights of Stock Island illuminated the sky to the west of Boca Chica bridge.

The day shift workers are always pouring into the job hub that is Key West as I leave town after a night of sitting up taking 911 calls. I was struck how the oncoming headlights washed out the sunrise.

As sun rises go it wasn't especially spectacular yesterday, though after half a century of waking up every day I am still glad I am here to see the day break, better yet from the saddle of my Bonneville.

These few pictures illustrate my commute, though usually I don't stop to admire the views. They are worth it.

Summer is a time of light winds, usually, and glassy calms.

Hurricane season starts officially June 1st and all the storms stories will be broadcast to get everyone's wind up.

The boring part about summer is how serene these coral waters are most of the time.

I have traveled the tropics and these scenes tend to remind me of those far off places

Palms tend to do that.

Looking south from Mile Marker 13, Overseas Highway.

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