Friday, May 29, 2020

Duval Night

So there I was at 5:30 in the morning enjoying my lockdown solitude...
They've paved Duval by now as you read this which was a brilliant move causing dust and mess and minimal disruption. Some people got annoyed anyway but there will be naysayers till the end of time in this town.
I don't think we will see these kinds of construction machines parked on Duval Street again for a while. Parked on the yellow too. They were lucky parking enforcement has been suspended.
A sign of life. Surprised me, all blue and everything:
The Grand Cafe in unusual garb, closed for business yesterday today and tomorrow.  Undoubtedly later.
The colors of the old theater still fill numerous phone photo albums and you can see why. The Strand opens for business at six am.  I watched them opening up but I wasn't there when they closed at midnight. 
We face the great unknown, reopening and people and crowds. This has been a time worth remembering. I wonder how we shall look back on it, an interlude, the end of normal times, the beginning of a period of change or some other thing?