Thursday, September 3, 2020

Old Bahia Honda

Rusty and I come here all the time of course and my one day off work last week we stopped by here for more than two hours, mt break from overtime and his break from being at home. I like taking pictures here as this is a place of many moods so this is what I culled from this latest visit.  Hurricane Irmal on September 10th 2017 trashed this place. They are close to completing repairs and the gumbo limbo trees are mostly back while shoreline mangroves are now only fit for use as tree sculptures as you will see. 

I started out trying to take pictures that look like photos that could have been made when the bridge was built in 1911.

After Rusty got bored looking for iguanas in the undergrowth we moved on together.

Dog: barely seen.
A green slope that could have been in...Michigan maybe? I am not easily forgetting my vacation...

After our walk through the limestone outcrops, past the old pump station demolished by Irma and starting to head back to walk the shoreline in the other direction I saw a crab which kept scuttling thus preventing me from getting down to his level. I had to content myself with playing god, or a drone, hovering from above:
And then we rambled for a good long while finding all sorts of treasures:

Tropical Storm Laura, as it then was, threw up a bunch of seaweed along the shore which makes for some bright colors:
But also happily creates an ideal Rusty playground.

Too soft to support humans the seaweed platform gives Rusty no trouble at all:

And then finally we walked the section furthest from the bridge, a gravel beach littered with dead trees made artistic and gaunt by the aforementioned Hurricane Irma. In the distance we see the youth camp wrecked by 140 mile per hour winds.

And then back to the car and a twenty minute drive home: