Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Roadside Stop

I was early into town so for some reason unknown to my sentient self I pulled over at the western end of Boca Chica Bridge on Highway 1.
 I  saw a plastic bag fluttering out of reach in the median and it put me in mind of one of those Facebook debates over single use plastic bags. My buddy Robert, and eco-warrior was making the case for eliminating plastic bags which was riling some other people up. And there it was all ready to fly off into the water and look like indigestible food for wildlife.
The flats north of the approaches to Stock Island are jet ski country, and I saw a couple of them zipping across flat water:
 I wasn't alone as an angler came round the corner hunting his prey:
I am no fisherman as I fear that pitting my wits against the fish would only result in me coming out second best. I hunt fish at Publix.
The fisherman being hauled hither and yon on the flats boat was more involved with his phone than the scenery. A commonplace nowadays.
 A lovely day in the Lower Keys.
 One more lovely day in fact.
 Not bad for the reptiles either.

 Good to be alive.