Monday, April 27, 2009

Bed Race

So why were people pushing beds helter skelter down Duval Street Saturday afternoon? Because it's Key West is the easy answer. And because it's Key West they aren't all that competent at it either as witnessed by this wreck:
Not least no doubt because the fuel is this:Lest you imagine this chaos is the Beginning of the End of law and order in the Conch Republic, let me assure you Officers Villareal and Hartle (pictured) were carefully escorting each pair of racing bed frames down the city's main drag:And my goodness what a strange assortment of beds they were:One of the few rules that I could figure out is that there has to be someone riding in the bed in some manner. And there has to be motive power of course, which take their role more or less seriously depending on what they came out to do, preen, push or be pushed:

A special mention for a team of dogs that put me very much in mind of the husky races I have been following, from a safe distance, in the frozen north of Kotzebue, Alaska, (, with apologies for Key West's gentle fun in the face of the Real Thing:

A Key West husky:Vital Key West cargo for safe delivery:And there were a few spectators on their balcony at La Concha wondering what planet they had woken up on:No longer in Kansas, I'm afraid, "Look at that!" One hopes the family album gets judicious editing before public display.

Tomorrow: The Race!