Friday, March 25, 2011

Boca Chica Night

The fullest of full moons had barely passed and I knew where I had to go for my lunch break earlier this week when I was still at work and not yet feeling ill.The Bonneville has 49,500 miles on the speedometer and is running just like a perfectly wound clock. I have been greatly enjoying riding it back and forth to work. In summer, which will soon be upon us, when the rains come and temperatures rise, Boca Chica Beach will be mosquito and sand flea heaven. I have been to the beach unprotected by chemistry and have literally torn at my skin in pain. Luckily I don't get welts and mosquito bites fade in a hurry on my skin, a matter of ten minutes and the bite fades from notice, but this place is gnarly when the bugs are out.To ride down the winding road from Big Coppitt through a 75 degree night was an absolute pleasure and to listen to the silence was divine once the engine was turned off and the headlight dimmed. I stood and heard nothing. The ocean was still, the trees weren't moving and in the distance all I could see was the faint outline of a van parked illegally for the night at the beach. This makes an excellent place to camp but usually Sheriff's deputies patrol here regularly. The van occupant got lucky.This is the place to bring Cheyenne and soon the snowbirds and their dogs will be gone and before it gets too hot Cheyenne and I will make a couple of forays out here, but it's a long way, 20 miles, from my home and rather too far to visit casually just for a dog walk, so we don't come as often as we might. Besides it is well known and thus well populated in winter. Not at 2 in the morning though!It is also far enough from work that I had but fifteen minutes to play with my camera, check out the incredible night time scenery before putting my helmet back on and buggering off back to work.