Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trumbo Road

I noticed construction on Trumbo Road so I rode out and so lots of work more or less in progress, or would have been in progress had there been any humans present. 
This is an essay that requires me to dig in the Conchscooter archives so here's one from 2010 when I walked Cheyenne along there in our first year together:
So it appears a "proper" seawall will replace the rubble and bushes and stuff along the water. It has been a useful if informal parking area but I suppose that may have to change. Perhaps there will still be parking along the water...Meanwhile the city's second dog park seems to be going from strength to strength if social media is to be believed:
The school district has property here on the waterfront, seen in this picture from 2013 which also illustrates the rather informal nature of the land where it met the water. Anyway the district has a  bus yard here and administrative offices on a big chunk of waterfront land which they have made noises about selling for a while. 
In this town it wouldn't seem hard to make an absolute fortune from such a nicely situated piece of open space though the district has made or failed to secure some rather peculiar land deals in the past so don't be surprised if they manage to give up this gift from the gods for pennies on the dollar. 
And here I was seven years ago (!) with Cheyenne in the same spot as workers worked on maintenance for the landing craft that deliver supplies to Sunset Key. If you order furniture say the delivery truck will come over on these things, which is how I got to wander round Sunset Key many many years ago when I had a job on Duval Street.
They are still there and there is some pavement in front of them now:
Change is in the air. Good change probably on this forgotten street.