Sunday, March 8, 2009

No Name Lane

Behind this Dade Pine house on Elizabeth Street, between Petronia and Angela is a tiny little walkway that connects Elizabeth to Galveston Lane. As far as i can figure it has no official name, but there it is, large as life:I photographed this alley sometime probably a year ago at night, and back then it reminded me strangely enough of a visit I made to the Bay Islands of Honduras, stubs of land in the Western Caribbean. On the smallest of them, Utila a diving mecca, there are hardly any roads and the homes, set on a hill overlooking the harbor where my sailboat lay, were connected by cement walkways such as this. Of course, this actually being Key West, art abounds:But like Utila and the other Bay Islands, practicality abounds in equal measure:The house this washing line was attached to, looked barely strong enough to support the weight of a pair of wet bloomers:The house was guarded by a dog slobbering loudly into a food bowl. I thought a picture of his/her hindquarters would look less interesting than a face, but my interference with dinner garnered me a fuzzy picture and a lot of noisy barking:The splendid dilapidated mansion was across the alley from a modern trim neat and comparatively uninteresting cottage:The ally debouches (ha!) like a stream into the river of Galveston Lane, which if you are the street sign maker for the city you spell Galvaston and which in any spelling leads to Bill Butler Park, about which I have already written:Which, because it is winter is rather unsightly thanks to the pressing need to use it as a parking lot. The unnamed alley offers scenic vistas elsewhere and comfortable spots from which to view it:The great porch life of key West. And there is the alley stretching back towards Elisabeth Street:It's Utila, I tell you, it is.