Saturday, October 20, 2012

Summerland Key Lobster

Fishing is like farming in that the weather is never quite right. This year conditions have been not quite right for lobster and now pot fishermen are looking to crab to be their salvation according to the newspaper. I took Cheyenne for a lobster pot walk on Center Street and Northside Drive, not in Key West, rather it was Summerland Key, Mile Marker 25 after a quick trip to the post office. I had my phone in my pocket so it was that which I used to record the stroll the other day. I downloaded the pictures to my Picasa Drop Box, saved them to my iPad and here they are. I'm not very well versed in the camera phone and I don't think they have the richness of pictures from my pocket camera which I will use when I seek out similar pictures, to fulfill a reader request, on the waterfront on Stock Island.
Center Street Summerland Key.
Seafood for sale to the public off the docks.

Looking through the mangroves across the canal

The picturesque shambles that is fishing.

Harley Davidson colors in a fish yard.