Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Details

I am not much driven to seek details with my camera, as I prefer the documentary look of the Big Picture so from time to time I force myself to look close. This was a piece of graffito on a cement barrier:
These cold front days bring night time lows between 60 and 65 degrees which with a north wind feels cold. The benefit is clear blue skies by day and in the sunshine out of the wind it is quite warm which wakes up the comatose  frosted brain. Sunbathing seemed quite sensible out of the wind to one as cold averse as myself.
Walking The Meadows near the police station on my lunch break i looked up and saw the sky properly which act of conscious seeing reminded me how much I enjoy the cloudless blue.
Photography is supposed to be drama and storytelling and clouds are considered helpful, if not a requirement. But some days the negative space of an empty blue sky is lovely and worth recording.
 Especially when you have roof lines and gables like those in Key West.

I love watching bees at work but photographing them, even at a distance and with no special photographic tools professionals use, is almost impossible. This little guy allowed me a couple of pictures that expressed some sort of bee effort. Here he is out and about in February in the land of eternal summer: