Sunday, June 12, 2016

Key West Town

I'm not sure if the Conch Republic flag is any more representative of Key West than the palms that surround the house which is, naturally painted white and enjoys a lively decoration of the balcony railings.
 Off street parking - a pearl beyond price in Key West housing. I've never understood the mad passionate and almost universal need to convert garages into bedrooms. The they complain when there is nowhere to park their cars on the street near their homes. 
Parking is an issue that gets everyone worked up in Key West. Even people without cars complain about people with cars. Ride a bicycle if you can, ride a scooter if you can't. Lots of two wheeled parking and it's free. 
I enjoy living up the Keys for the quiet, the ample parking if not  the architecture which does not resemble this:
 But there again living in Key West and struggling with the planes flying overhead and drowning out conversation, with parking, with bums, with crowded sidewalks and all that does mean you are closer to the action. If action in the form of art galleries coffee shops and music and theaters of all sorts are your kind of action.
The photographic opportunities can be more varied too. 
 On the whole I like the suburbs, a canal fro swimming, and the chance to sleep during the day.