Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winn Dixie Walk

A summer sunrise in the Keys, more precisely over Big Pine Key in the woods east of Winn Dixie, the Big Pine supermarket.Seven o'clock in the morning and the air is cool, relatively speaking, and the light is gray.The light gets even more diffuse when the camera fogs up after exiting the air conditioned car.
If I forget to open the windows and fill the car with hot muggy air before we arrive the camera tends to fog and the lense stays fogged for quite some time. So now that it's summer I have to either learn patience or I need to think ahead to avoid fogging the camera.
The early hours are tough for me after a night spent sitting up at work, but for Cheyenne this is the best time of day. There's no one around, everyone else is going to work or sleeping it off. Even in these woods where a lively population of homeless doss down, there is no one sitting around with a beer when your average hobo is asleep.Just me and my dog. And a few rain puddles left over from the night before. My wife called me at 2 am to say the thunder had woken her up and for the first time Cheyenne was scared by the noise. I was sitting in the Communications Center 30 miles away where it was a dry quiet night with not a drop of rain in sight.I have no idea what fascinates her- trace of deer perhaps or boot of tramp. I wonder if red ribbons mean tree cutting is on the horizon. Summer is the best time of year for castles in the sky, or Florida Mountains as they have been called.Someone has been widening the trail, cutting the brush and apparently burning the ferns. It makes the trail rather less picturesque. It exposes the deer too. At the other end of the quarter mile trail there is a subdivision of mostly empty homes, this time of year, waiting for the winter residents to return. This seems to be a busy year for Key Deer, they are everywhere and reproducing.Sunrise means time for bed for the night shift vampire.
And his dog.