Saturday, February 8, 2020

Monochrome Rain

It goes pretty much without saying that I am quite capable of being a bloody fool. Yesterday was one such morning. 
I took Rusty into town for an early morning walk without once glancing at the National Weather service app! Silly me. I left the umbrella in the car without thinking about it and we took off. 
It was a lovely dark morning, not quite six o'clock and no one was around. I felt very lucky to be there on a still silent morning. Not for long.
And then the sprinkles started, just a few, more like humidity in the air, and I hardly noticed it as rain.
That didn't last long and suddenly the heavens opened and we ducked rapidly, as one body under an arcade in front of Island Dogs bar. Rusty took his place under a separate doorway and we watched, and waited.
After a while I started to wonder whether this downpour would quit or not. Rain forever? I took out my phone and finally got smart. The weather app looked awful, a giant green and yellow sausage of rain and storms stretched over Key West and far out into the Western Caribbean promising rain all morning. And right there stuck on Front Street it wasn't yet seven. 
 There was hardly anyone around, a few mad exercisers, a dog walker or two like me, but hardly any cars.
 In its own way it was peaceful enough sitting there under cover watching the water fall.
 When finally it started to ease up we made our way, him fluffy with wet fur and me squelching every step.
You know how they say a cold gray day is a day for a good book? I think any day is good to hang out and read. Yesterday was perfect. I took full advantage.