Saturday, August 6, 2016

Key West Details

I never cease to be amazed by how much using a camera forces me to notice things, not just see them. Colors shapes and details leap out at me as I stroll around Key West.
I imagine these days with the craze involving photographing imaginary Pokemon characters I am more invisible than ever with my dog and my iPhone.
Which leaves me free to admire details, and some times the big pictures as well.
To me the details of the city tell me more than the people who cross my path. Most people in Key West hide behind a uniform of casual clothes that express island laissez faire at best and social indifference at worst I suppose.
The buildings, the architectural details speak louder to me than clothing fashions or baseball caps.
I keep thinking there is nothing new in the city but there always is. Maybe just a big green leaf.

I saw these pomegranates and I was reminded of my tree on Ramrod Key, the one where somebody stole my first ripe fruit. I was glad to move out of that sourpuss neighborhood. I didn't steal these:

Key West: trees, houses and motorcycles. A perfect combination.
The old louvered windows, classic Florida architecture: