Monday, May 9, 2011

Summerland Clean Up

A hazy day on Summerland Key and I was hoping Cheyenne might like to walk the mangroves. I've been in town a lot lately with more to come and i wanted to get out in the woods for a change. Cheyenne was game for a bit of the way at least before pooping out and scurrying for some shade.

I was quite surprised how clean the area was, all bulldozed clear and trash removed. This trail off Niles road used to be a mess:
And they haven't got absolutely everything...

...but the transformation is astounding and very welcome. It was good to see big skies and clouds and miles of greenery once again. I have no idea where Monroe County finds the money to do these kinds of clean ups in the back country but I hope it stays this way for a while.

The odd thing is that the dump takes everything, including hazardous materials and household crap of all kinds and their rates are not that exorbitant. I can load my little trailer down pretty heavily and it costs something like $12. Better that than dumping crap in the back country. I like walking here too much.

Key West Heat

It makes you want to be there doesn't it? Heat prickling the skin, shirt flapping loosely and the sounds of cold drinks pouring. It's the beginning of May and summer has hit Key West.I have noticed a few places have started the curious practice of misting the air to keep the customers coming. This one I thought was a bit overdone but it made for an interesting picture!The thing is we have the sun and heat of summer but without the humidity, so far, and decidedly without the rain. I find it entirely pleasant weather but there's a lot of perspiration up and Duval Street these days. I spotted this lady at the bus shelter on Caroline Street across from the Bull and Whistle. At night it's a hang out for the homeless, it seems no matter how much officers move them along back they come. She was reading the Blue Paper and if she was a visitor I wanted to know what she made of the free weekly scandal rag. I have a rule not to interrupt people reading as I hate it when it's done to me, so we shall never know. It's the time of year when visitors from temperate climes take a break in the shade where they can find it, here at Clinton Square sharing it with a hopeful pigeon.

Looking down Front Street I was struck that there could have been a lot more people there.
I think they were hiding from the heat. That was Friday and that night we had lots of calls for service all night long. Nick and I went home quite exhausted from all that dispatching. He went home to a dog free house in Key West, I rode 27 miles back to my mansion in the suburbs and got to walk Cheyenne of course.

I was hoping she would be too tired for some reason but she had no mercy and off we went to the Ramrod Pool. Which was a splendid antidote to the heat and streets of the big city.