Thursday, April 25, 2019

Pines Park

Sunrise at the Pines Park, a small area of casuarina trees wedged between the East Martello tower with the flag below, and the airport off to the left of this picture:
Rusty spent an inordinate amount of time trolling the park benches where for some reason people had dropped edibles judging by the crunching going on in the darkness. The park is the place where travelers in vans and cars tend to hang out in winter on those long boring days in Key West as they eke out money trying to live for free and doing nothing much. Apparently they also drop copious quantities of food as well. 
When the small brown dog got bored, or could find no more edible trash we decamped back to the DMV office a bit further down South Roosevelt Boulevard where I had parked the car. Apparently the view was enticing enough a car pulled up nearby illuminating the dog enjoying the grass.  
 It was a fresh cool windy morning and people were out walking and biking the waterfront. 
 I struggled to make a decent picture of a cruise ship arriving in Key West:
And then it was time to go home:
Where we got a little extra walking on the old Flagler Railroad bridges now converted to pedestrian and bicycle use: