Friday, May 3, 2019

Highway Milestone

I was riding home actually looking for a scooter tag for the Adventure Rider motorcycle forum and I case up with a roadside memorial which was also an encouragement to stop my headlong flight.
I went for a slow speed walk on my not completely stable legs and yet managed to scramble down to the water through the bushes.

I looked back and for once had a  skyline so I took advantage.
The next morning I took Rusty into the backwoods for a walk. To my astonishment  I measured a 1.3 mile walk along the empty road. 
I walked to a sign post then walked back to the car and drive the same distance measuring it on the mileometer.
I  walked to a sign post and then back to the car. Then I drove the distance and was surprised to see how far I'd gone.
I wrapped up physical therapy last week when I could balance on each leg and measured pretty much normal strength in my limbs and claimed the ability to walk a le with some difficulty so I wanted to double check my optimism.
In the cool of the morning Rusty ran ahead and waited as I stumped along to catch up.
I think of him as my encouragement to walk.