Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Big Pine Key Marina

There used to be a marina at the end of Big Pine Key nearest No Name Key. And there still is after a fashion. This place is up and running with a small office and above ground fuel tanks and room for a few boats. It never was a big facility.
 Hurricane Irma wrecked a lot of Big Pine last September and this marina was flattened. Completely razed by winds of a Category Four strength, somewhere near 150 miles per hour around here.
This is how the marina used to look, and I took this picture a decade ago. It never changed much, a typical friendly convenience store bait shop and fuel dock all roiled into one. I stopped by here once to refuel my boat. It was more conveniently reached by land if you had visited the nearby No Name Pub. It had a claim to fame once that had nothing to do with it being destroyed by an infamous storm.
The bridge to No Name Key, which sits next to the marina was the setting for a slightly odd movie which came out in 1994. The synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes:

In this quirky drama a trio involved in a self-contained world revolving around a remote tollbooth in the Florida Keys. Jack, an aspiring policeman, works in the tollbooth. There he dreams of his new career and of starting a new life in Miami with his high school sweetie Doris. She works at the Gator Gas fuel depot down the road. She daydreams about her estranged father Leon and takes care of her mother Lillian who suffers from chronic depression. When not caring for her mom, Doris sees Dash, a bait salesman. Leon suddenly returns. A new toll collector, Vic, comes to the booth. He is a suspicious character and soon the state police are carefully watching him.

And in the movie there are glimpses of this place as it used to be. Always changing in the Keys, all the time. Who knows what changes this next storm season will bring.
The Bridge to No Name Key from the seat of my Bonneville. This hasn't changed.