Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bean Quesadillas

Returning from our last excursion into the mountains we stopped at the American Owned Ingles store and picked up a few bits and pieces. My wife was making dinner for our last night in North Carolina.Back at the ranch brother in law Bob and sister in law Geeta were tending their crops, relieved to know they weren't responsible for dinner as dusk was falling already.
The view is one we will miss when back in the Keys, summer in the mountains of western North Carolina.My wife assembled the ingredients:She was going to make a dish a colleague had introduced into our lives at an end of the school year lunch the teachers held. She sent Michael a text and he confirmed the ingredients and technique. My wife pulled out the food processor and filled it with mole sauce. Mexicans call the savory chocolate sauce mo-lay, but I prefer to pronounce it the English way which gives diners pause. "Er, I thought this was supposed to be vegetarian...?" Thinking all the while about the cute little burrowing garden pest.Heavy skillets, beans and heat."Mushing it up" is one of my wife's favorite techniques and here it was applied full force. Add queso fresco, the mild Mexican cheese and sliced jalapeƱos (thank you Ingles) and you have a filling dinner, vegan despite the title, that will be a rare and unpronounceable treat for any Anglo mountain man and his wife:
You need to wash it down properly (thank you Ingles for a broad beer selection):
And a last evening of lounging and watching the sun go down and the night come up.The in law's fairy tale mountain home. Built by Bo 35 years ago, heated with wood and tucked away deep in the Celo woods.
And so ended ten splendid days in North Carolina.