Saturday, February 10, 2018

Key West Details

Walking Rusty along Duval Street I pulled out of the bustle and noise, I think I was near Aqua and stepped into an alleyway to conduct a more peaceful phone call. My roving eye spotted the pattern. I just like the straight confessional.
Another day I parked the Vespa on Petronia Street next to the Bourbon, the epicenter of what is left of gay Key West. I was  struck by the windows and their grilles. I took off walking but I felt weird walking around with a camera and no dog. It seemed pointless so I went home to my over walked dog who had not felt like coming into town with me.
I never fail to be surprised by how small cars from youth seem to be no I am entering my dotage. I remember when MG sports cars seemed too cool for words. Now it looks rather quaint and small and ineffective.
When I lived in St Petersburg in the 80s I had an Oldsmobile Delta 88 similar in all respects to this which I think is a Cadillac. It was a huge car and very comfortable and i;m glad I've experienced owning such a huge boat. However using one in Key West must require the patience of a saint. I do recall the Oldsmobile had very powerful air conditioning and a huge back seat for those hot still nights in Central Florida.
I posted this photo on Instagram asking myself how necessary cars are in this small town. As vital as anywhere else I dare say: