Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Waterfront

The business of the yard sale does not come easily to me. A client who stopped by and tried negotiating with my wife over some trinket or another gave up "You're good at this," he said and handed over his cash.  My instinct is to offer stuff that doesn't interest me at two bits and beg them to take it, then my wife beats me about the head and its it up for five bucks and negotiates it down to four and takes the cash and makes them happy. The psychology of the sale defeats me.

Its been a busy time organizing all that stuff and looking back at pictures I took last week cheers me up. Key West looks good!

Walking around the Bight is good relaxation for me and my camera and of course young Rusty. He has been perfect as usual around the buyers in our car port, allowing himself to be admired and petted as he lays there, his front paws crossed.

I've heard rumors a cold front may be descending upon us from the heights of South Carolina and we could sure use some cold air.

The heat and humidity has been stifling, so much so just standing outside prickles your skin with sweat and even I who likes the heat its too much. 

Here's the thing: in three or four weeks I'm going to be freezing my tail off somewhere north of here and maybe west of here in the desert crispy cold. When I start to whine I would appreciate the odd comment reminding me how hot I was in the Keys in September.

The picture above I took for Gary who likes to stay at the Galleon Resort when he comes to Key West. We plan to stop by his place Up North after we stay with my sister in law in Asheville.  I doubt we will see Gary's family at the Galleon again.  I'll miss that because the views are spectacular.

I look at the dinghies in the Bight, the vehicles they use to come to town from their boats out on the water, their immobile homes glued to the harbor bottom by lack of use and I'm glad we will be mobile in our funny little van. Living like this isn't fun to me,  stationary boats grow weed and mildew. I'm thinking stationary vans do too, so I'll have to guard against that!

I won't miss the chickens of Key West, noisy messy assholes much loved by some people. I figure the chickens will do fine without Rusty who is scared of them anyway. I'm glad he is, because chickens are valuable in Mexico and if a gringo dog kills a chicken in Mexico the gringo has to pay cash to resolve the situation.

Good advertising, life imitating art as you will see nicely painted bikes displayed around town. This machine seems quite pricey to me at $120  but I don't know much about bikes. To me bicycles are machines that require the concentration of a car with none of the speed or range. I'd rather walk. Does that make me too weird for Key West?