Monday, November 7, 2011


Sitting under the kapok tree on Whitehead Street.

Watching the world go by.

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Spring In Fall

My pomegranate, a gift from Robert and Dolly continues to flourish, with a little pruning, watering and fertilizing. The fruit looks glorious in the crisp afternoon sun.

There's an orange ball in the sky too, but lower and further to the south this time of year.

The blasting heat of summer is gone, nights are cool, the air conditioning is off for now and afternoon highs barely get into the low eighties. Pretty soon my deserted street will be clomping to the sounds of snowbirds power walking up and down.

My little home, protected by greenery sits back from the road a bit and gives me privacy.

And this time of year the greenery, fueled by the recent heavy rains is sprouting just like Spring Up North.

I miss the emptiness of summer but I like the warmth of winter in the Fabulous Florida Keys.

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Scenes On Big Pine

Another glorious day another opportunity to seek out trails further afield as heat and humidity fall and give my furry partner greater stamina.

We parked the car at the end of County Road on Big Pine and I followed Cheyenne into the unpaved wilderness. I have, in my more misanthropic moments nurtured the idea of parking a trailer in the backwoods as a cheap and effective way to seek isolation

But it seems that one always has to beware the dog in these places. My dog doesn't manage to generate the same levels of breathless warnings.

Even houses have to beware of the dogs .

Beware grandparents hauling youngsters on tandems. If you look closely the smart kid has her feet up on the crossbar let gramps do the work.

That may be a metaphor for our time if you to listen to grumpy old people these days.

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Nutter Butter Madness

This story is going to sound weird and unbelievable and I am sorry I lack the words to explain the taste but it turns out you really can eat peanut butter with almost anything.

It's a long narrow hole-in-the-wall set amidst the gay bars in Middle Duval. They sell food and everything includes peanut butter.

Which must be why they call it:

The answer is his nose:

I had heard about this place from my colleagues who laughed, as you might expect, when they told me it was good and peanut butter came with everything. No exceptions.

JalapeƱos and gummy bears and cinnamon balls- with peanut butter! An appetizer that burned my mouth- with peanut butter.

Like I keep saying, peanut butter, high in protein, with everything.

Ten billion goobers a year and most people put the peanut butter on before the jelly. If you believe the little cards stacked on each table. Nachos with strawberries, grapes, banana slices and...

Not only is it weird but it is also not expensive. I got the Vermont, not because it's leftist but because it has cheese and bacon, maple syrup and...pb. Like my old buddy from Buffalo says, everything is better with bacon. And at $3.75 one is left to wonder how they pay the Duval Street rent.

Four percent. There is a dessert menu, spelled desert, which is odd as everything tastes like afters, as the English would say, if they ate peanut butter and wanted dessert.

We had an ass burner sandwich with more of those dastardly jalapeƱos.

Filled with grated carrot, peppers and...

...and a smear of peanut butter. Weird but effective. We had grandma's feet for pudding:

Cookies, chocolate, marshmallows and peanut butter. I had coffee because I liked their sweet hot java and all this cost the four of us just twenty four bucks. Teron and his wife, from Massachusetts opened the place six weeks ago.

He was working hard as his help had called off for the afternoon. Some employees can on some very few and rare occasions occasionally prove unreliable in Key West.

So the boss did everything.

I'll be back and I recommend a visit before the crazy Duval rents send them out of business. This madness deserves to succeed and flourish and bring a smile to your peanut butter covered lips. Pudding for lunch, heaven brought to earth.

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