Wednesday, June 25, 2014

By The Water

The moisture of summer produces some wild  cloud formations, and the sunlight gets diffused by the humidity in the air. I may have been at the beach but paradoxically I wasn't swimming. I swim at home in the crystal clear canal behind my home.
I found a meeting room at Boca Chica beach when I went down to photograph the trees one last time before they are felled by the Navy. Cheyenne liked the place and settled into the cooling sand. I read my magazine intermittently as the sun came up and changed the light.
We left to head home and by that time the sun was properly up and starting to get hot. I love the summer waters around the Keys when everything is calm and hazy you can hardly discern the horizon. I pulled over on a  whim at the Big Coppitt  boat ramp on Highway One.
This photograph taken in the 1970s by Dale M McDonald shows the highway sprouting from the lower right hand corner pointing at Big Coppitt  Key. As you can see there seems to be no sign of a boat launching facility back then.. Photo Courtesy of the State Archives of Florida.
Entering Big Coppitt Key on US-1 heading towards Key West, FL.
I wanted to make fun of the sign apparently prohibiting parking on water, with the houses of Big Coppitt looking east on the shoreline in the background.
Seaweed is piling up everywhere, rough brown Sargasso weed blown by the wind into canals and seawalls and onto places where people want to lounge.
The boat ramp is one of those free use public facilities one tends to take for granted in the Keys. The county got some marine improvement monies a couple of years ago and they elected to refurbish several public launch ramps instead of spending all the money on removing abandoned boats from coastal waters.
Lots and lots of Sargasso.
Cheyenne gave up on me and took some of the only shade available.
Suitably chastised  I powered up the air conditioning and took her home. No time to waste contemplating the silent miracle of the confluence of land and water and excellent public works.