Friday, October 14, 2016

Suncrest Drive, Stock Island

I don't have  a lot of tolerance for endless post card pictures of Key West as though life is all margaritas and sunsets without the need for places like Stock Island to keep the facade functioning. The other half of this street I didn't walk as we ran out of time, but Suncrest in both directions is one block long each side of Cross Street and it's pretty gritty.
It just happens to be in neighborhoods like this that business gets done. South of Highway One as you approach Key West...

They call it light industrial if it is being classified, but it's where cars get repaired and where electricians and plumbers keep their supplies. 
For someone like me strolling by the greenery and bright sunshine make it look nicer than leafless gray streets Up North in the clutch of winter but working on a car outdoors in 90 degree sunshine can't be easy.
There is room to park stuff and unload stuff and store stuff out here.
And to accumulate projects, or spare parts.
I called this "an actual shade tree mechanic" on my Instagram picture. Rusty was intrigued.
No matter how tatty the exterior there is a liveable space in there and I'll be it's being used. You have no choice in a housing market like this one.
There are always palm fronds to remind you where you are, even if your surroundings don't remind you of Mallory Square.
And no matter where you are, parking issues rear their heads.
Duval Street this ain't. But without the services of Stock Island Duval Street couldn't exist.
Heading back towards our appointment to pick up the Ford with the repaired door handle - a Stock Island specialty is repairing cars! - Rusty startled this parrot. My little brown dog has no interest in birds, be they chickens or sparrows, but the squawking parrot shook him up and got his rapt attention:
The towering art in front of the ReCycle Bike Shop makes a suitable monument I think to the hands on work that takes place in these parts. 
And soon enough the Fusion's door handle was replaced and all was well with the world. Rusty found some grassy shade and we both got to watch Stock Island at work for a while.