Monday, October 19, 2020

Duval At Virginia

Florida Keys
Everything looks normal downtown were you to take a walk on upper Duval Street on your lunch break.
Florida Keys Flora
Bright sunshine, green banana palm waving gently in the cooling breeze, people striding up and down the street as they always have, seeking I'm not sure what. Bargains?
Duval Street Character
Cooler to ride by scooter if you have the nerve. 
Key West Motorcycle
Walking with determination toward my preferred ice cream shop on the corner of Virginia Street, Flamingo Crossing.
Key West
Without cruise ship passengers the Conch Train riders are much fewer in number, even though this is generally low tourist season.
Florida Keys Tourists
The inevitable golf cart which got a big thumbs up from Bruce in Arizona after I made some mildly disparaging remarks about them. Like is aid lots of people love them. Witness:
Duval Street Florida
Find the shade as you ride. I rather liked the shadows cast on Duval Street by the funky roofline above:
Key West Florida
Not too many masks in sight for young or old infirm or sound. I kept my distance yesterday.
Key West