Friday, April 2, 2010

Southernmost Car Club

I know nothing much about cars but there are people in the Lower Keys that love them and they have a club, like all properly socialized people with a hobby.It's all about nostalgia methinks, an emotion I am learning to come to terms with after half a century on Earth. My pleasure in motorcycles never translated into a desire for cars, perhaps because as a yout' I never drove much. Even I have heard, vaguely, of Dyna flow automatic transmissions. Haven't I?
They don't just have these in La Habana...A gathering of cars is a good place to make a political point. Perhaps it really is time we killed federal subsidies to Kansas corn farmers?This car evoked some memories for me. My stepmother had one just like this Triumph TR6. I mean. it's not a real Triumph but it's the best the four wheeled world can do. I need to show up to work in one of these.
Let us speculate wildly what club members are talking about.Speaking of lack of nostalgia, my first wife had one of these, a 1962 Bug. This perfectly tricked out 1962 is a lot nicer and more pristine than Carol's daily driver we used in Santa Cruz.We drove it on our honeymoon through Glacier and Yellowstone to Denver and back in 1983. Cute weren't we? Poor woman she was not right for me and vice versa, but she had some adventures which were out of character for her. Perhaps it's the VW thats makes one nerdy. Check out this modern couple, Eric the owner of the Bug and Tammie his boss.Police officers are just like you and me when off duty. You thought they spent time handcuffing each other for the fun of the thing eh?Drooling in public is entirely appropriate in these kinds of gathering. Back to La Habana for a moment of 1950s (I think) nostalgia.I love the open hoods. Show me the engine!

"Ooh, look! A kayak!" Tammie said. It did look a bit odd. I saw it on the Highway the next week so perhaps this is a daily driver with kayak. Cool. Not even tempted.Nope.My grandfather drove across America in 1925 in a convertible Packhard. This is a 1938 sedan, very Bonnie and Clyde. I could be tempted by these lines!Look at them. Isn't it amazing these lovelies live and survive and thrive in these tiny islands?Classic wheels of a different sort.By the time I could afford a Spitfire I was too late and they were out of production. I guess I was a closet Triumph man all those decades ago.This stuff is way out of my cultural comfort zone.Register, sign in, be clubby.Magazines? Of course!This wouldn't be the Southernmost Anything without a picture of a palm tree. It was a short stop but I enjoyed tasting a whiff of car nostalgia. It was fun.