Wednesday, June 23, 2021


I read a rather disturbing article in the paper about this place with the owners found guilty of stealing overtime pay from employees. Makes me glad I work for the city which has never missed a paycheck, pays overtime as required and doesn't play silly buggers with workers' lives. There are lots of things to complain about but it would be churlish to engage that line of thinking now I am so close to a securely funded old age. 
I've also been reading about drought in the west. We have friends who live in Arizona, a popular destination for our generation, and I imagine the gentle bake under 130 degree skies. Warmer days ahead indeed.  I checked Anchorage for fun and future interest and 70 degree days and 55 degree nights sound...bracing. I'm glad the van is well insulated.
I like to toss a nod to Hemingway's bust when I pass by Bahama Street trying to keep up with my dog. My next step will be to lurk here and catch the reactions of passers by. Then write a thesis on it all.
Across town there is a water spigot on the waterfront where I can fill Rusty's gallon water bottle I carry in the car. While I was doing that Rusty wandered around sniffing grass then eating it. A sudden commotion, the Hound of the Baskervilles! broke out from a  car parked across the lot. Some poor bugger walking his out of control hound hung on like grim death and inched the black bastard back to the car which promptly drove off into the night. Rusty, who had looked up briefly at the commotion got back to grazing while I finished filling his water bottle.
I like the modern bicycle racks installed around town. They are almost as artistic as the Hemingway bust on Bahama Street. I still don't like riding bicycles much but I appreciate they are much in demand by people much cooler than me, plodding along with a camera hung round my neck and my dog showing me the way.
I have also learned through extensive accidental research that the cool way to carry a camera is to have it attached to a sling. That being the case I naturally balk and prefer the traditional neck strap. It's nice to be old and not give  a damn.
Rusty telling me he wants to get back in the car and go home to sleep. No need to bark.