Sunday, April 7, 2019

Around Mallory

Vacation tends to end on the weekend. The week starts on Saturday when lines of cars come into town from Miami. On Sunday the lines snake north as flights wait to return them to the workaday world Up North.
This winter I've seen lots of European and Japanese motorcycles in the Keys competing with Harleys and Indians. This fine aggressive blacked out cruiser was in fact a modest Honda Shadow, and for all that it is considered an entry level cruiser it looked well loved and used.
 This is an example of how not to park your motorcycle in shared free parking on the street street. A few minutes later the elderly couple riding the big red bike were off down Duval and I doubt anyone noticed the gaffe. Later in the day this Eaton Street strip fills up.
 Mel Fisher museum, one of my favorites and time for a new visit.
 Clinton Square Market, a 19th century shipping warehouse:
The Custom House with its steeply pitched roof ready for winter snows on the northern border. I wonder who decided to ruin the picture by planting a  utility pole right there? Aesthetics are not a high priority for power lines one has to suppose.
 Wall Street early in the morning:
 El Meson de Pepe gift shop on Mallory Square:
 And there is the waterfront with Sunset Key in the background: