Monday, December 30, 2019

Duval Winter

It is very good for me to see people enjoying the iconic sights of Duval.  A healthy reminder as we close the year that I am lucky to live here.
A tiny bar. How often do you get to see that? You will if you stroll the 100 block of Duval. You might stop your rented bicycle and snap a picture. A fine souvenir. 
A blur of summer dresses in December... window shopping like it was July. Thats the big attraction.
One serious shortcoming is the lack of seating and that is attributable to the homeless population that used to monopolize benches. Naturally they don't mind squatting on the slightly unsanitary sidewalks while the rest of us have to seek a rest where we can. I'm not sure how can the step are but they feel more like seats so we adapt!
Riding into the sunset. Take a Conch Train Tour which is ninety minutes of history and geography and will set you up to enjoy what you might prefer about this town be it drinking or history or art. Then take a bike and ride into the sunset. Or do as I da and walk the dawn away.
More of the same I trust in the new year.