Friday, September 17, 2010

Alberta Street

Finally, at last, a bright sunny afternoon in Key West.Too bad the reason I found myself in town this past Tuesday was to go visit this building on Alberta at South Streets. After years of hating visits to dentists I met up with one years ago who taught me to overcome that fear. These days a tooth cleaning is no cause for concern. I sat back in the chair and relaxed while they scraped the tartar from my teeth. Alberta Street is in the Casa Marina neighborhood, one of the more spiffy areas of Key West supposedly. And there is a fair bit of greenery around here too.
I see quite a few of these slatted fences around and I like them.
As usual I have no idea what this flower is.
Like most seasons Spring cleaning falls in the ...Fall. Lots of people, myself included seem to be cleaning up around the house this month. My wife and I braced ourselves and cleared our bookshelves. I took half a ton of books to the Monroe County Jail for the inmates.
I really like the look of this Polynesian structure and the tall palms.
This dude picked up a cast off piece of furniture as he walked his dog.
Yes indeed private. Hands off this guy's rather attractive Road King.
I never previously noticed this place.
It looked quite attractive and stretched all the way to the waterfront.
Alberta dead ends into the pocket park at Seminole Street.
Cheyenne went nosing around on her 16 foot extend-a-leash and rooted out a burrito, that was what the carcass dripping from her fangs appeared to be, discarded in a flower bed not three feet from a grabgae can. People are pigs and dogs clean up after them. I was admiring the view as the dog scored her truffle behind me.Hurricane Karl has been ravaging the Yucatan to the south of us and is sucking strong east breezes across the islands.
Give a ratty old apartment complex a nice blue sky and a few trees and it looks quite nice.
I have photographed this next building before but it is still for sale, still ready to be demolished and replaced by an apartment complex if any buyers can be found. Too bad.
Casa Marina Resort. I rather envied this guest on what I hope is a relaxed vacation.
There is a beach for more energetic guests.
All I can say is that Cheyenne started out energetic.

She found a spot in the shade to watch the world go by.